Cathedral Ultimate High School and Middle School Refunds

Hello Cathedral Ultimate families,

We are so disappointed with how our season has been interrupted, and earlier this week we learned the season is officially being cancelled.  Of course, even if we understand the reasons, it doesn’t make letting go any easier.  We will miss watching our students play, especially our Seniors

Attached is a form to select what you would like to have done with your season fees and uniforms, which is based on the following:

 We are prepared to offer full refunds to all our players for season fees.

We also would like to give you the opportunity to donate all or part of the fee you paid to our program.  There are expenses in our year that we still need to pay, and some limited rental fees, new equipment fees, and coach compensation.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization and welcome your continued support.

 Uniforms are ordered specific to the player, and we will get them distributed as soon as we are able. We anticipate using them next year and they make great swag!

Seniors only – you may certainly keep your uniform. If you would prefer a refund, please indicate your preference on the attachment.

Middle school players – you have NO uniform fees to consider.

In addition, for those players and families who ordered discs, additional Breakmark apparel (joggers, hats, etc.), and the Blue 84 apparel, we will distribute these items as well when we are able.

We will be communicating to everyone, if there are any playing opportunities that come available this summer or even fall.  Stay tuned for that!

EVERYONE: Please fill out the attached form and email to Claudia Revermann at no later than Friday, April 24.  Cludia will be issuing refunds and providing receipts.

Thank you everyone!  We look forward to a time we can get together in the hopeful near future.

2020 Cathedral Ultimate Refund Form

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