Blitz Day!

Sunday is our second BLITZ FUNDRAISER Day. We will meet at Cathedral Commons at 12:30 p.m. Remember to bring your coupon envelope! It is critical we have as many players as possible helping us sell that day. We also need parent drivers! Pizza will be provided for all your hard work at the end of the Blitz on Sunday. A reminder of the rules:

  • $20 in donations is the same as selling one card.
  • For every 10 cards you sell, you will receive one card to either keep or sell. If you sell it, you get to keep the $20!
  • For every 10 cards you sell, you will get a chance to draw cash from the cash bag!

And don’t forget our fabulous prizes!! All prizes and awards will be handed out at a practice after all unsold cards are turned back in.

1st place – $250.00 Visa Gift Card

2nd place – $100.00 Best Buy Gift Card

3rd place – $50.00 Scheel’s Gift Card

4th place – $25.00 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card

Sign Up Here <- look here for additional information

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